Our skills

The service Cormorant Partnership provides requires skills in many disciplines.

A summary of the areas of expertise required is:

Asset Allocation

This is at the core of achieving the best returns given a suitable level of risk.  We analyse the behaviour, risks, benefits, costs (both explicit and underlying) and characteristics of the different asset classes to achieve the results.


Having knowledge of the principal taxes and the methods of mitigation helps our clients maximise their returns.  We look at onshore, offshore, domicile and residency issues.


Specialist knowledge of the characteristics of investment opportunities helps to achieve our clients’ objectives.  We actively manage and regularly review our portfolios taking into account the current market conditions.


Our advisers have many years of experience of all the various insurance, pension and savings contracts, both historic and current.


We have expertise in the different types of trusts, their taxation and their specific uses.


We keep up to date with any changes in the rules and regulations which may affect our clients and implement any changes needed in strategy.

  As it is not possible to be an expert in all these areas, providing this service for the benefit of the client requires co-ordination and communication between the client's advisers and to be able to call upon specialists in each field when required.

Create, protect & relax

Cormorant see the clients' financial affairs from their point of view. From this, we provide a sensible strategy out of the myriad of possible opportunities and work within this framework to achieve the short, medium and long term objectives.

Cormorant Partnership LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 488257.
Registered in England and Wales. Registered Office: 28 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AN.