Q & A

Who are Cormorant Partnership LLP?

Cormorant Partnership LLP provides financial planning and wealth management services to private individuals, families and trustees of family trusts. We offer advice on investments, pensions and trusts as well as working with other professionals, eg tax advisers, to oversee and co-ordinate our clients’ financial affairs.

The Partners are Paul Haley, Niall Wijetunge and Susan Butterworth. The Partnership was formed in 2008 with a business model based on the requirements of founding clients.

How much do you charge?

Several methods of charging were considered when forming the Partnership. Our service is suitable for individuals, families and trustees with a approximately £500,000 that is reasonably liquid and is held in investment portfolios, pensions or trusts.

Our fee is 1% per annum of the assets we administer. The basis for this will be discussed before you enter into any commitment, so you are aware of the total costs.

We do not generally charge on an hourly basis since we are proactive and we want our clients to be able to contact us without being inhibited by incurring additional costs. We believe it to be unreasonable to write to a client suggesting a change to the strategy and then to send a bill for the time spent preparing the recommendation. However, if we are asked to oversee a particular project outside our normal remit, we will prepare a written estimate of the cost based on an hourly fee of £250 per hour. VAT will be added to fees where appropriate.

Is my money safe?

Risk management is a large part of our service.

Cormorant do not hold client monies. We will recommend various investment opportunities and, ultimately, the security of your funds depends type of investments which are selected and the institution the money is placed with.

Cormorant is regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA). We will ensure you are aware of the investment risk, institutional risk and the level of protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for any suggestion we make.

Why should I use you?

We believe that honesty, trust and integrity are fundamental to the successful relation between clients and adviser. Cormorant provides a service for high net worth families and trustees of family trusts, creating and monitoring a strategy for their total wealth, with the objective of maximising tax savings and investment opportunities whilst minimising risks and charges.

Although investments form a large part of what we do, it is important to realise that there is much more to our service than recommending and managing investments. We use our experience and expertise to create, implement and monitor a strategy for you to achieve your objectives. Our service administers and reports on your finances, so the decisions you make are based on the best possible information.

We do not offer just one investment proposition. There are numerous ways of investing money and we work with you and your other advisers in order to find the most suitable solutions.