It's your money

Unlike some large institutions, we at Cormorant view personal wealth in the same way as our clients. Wealth may include:


  • principal property
  • the value of a privately owned business
  • income from employment, bonuses
    and share options
  • rental, savings and investment income
  • cash in the bank
  • investment property and land
  • a second home
  • savings and investments
  • chattels and collectables
  • trust funds
  • pension funds
  • future inheritances

Liabilities and threats

  • mortgages and other borrowing
  • change in employment or business threats
  • taxation and inflation
  • cash flow
  • sickness, accident or death
  • divorce
  • increased expenses (e.g. children
    and school fees)
  • poor investment returns

Our clients wish to protect and increase protect their wealth, minimising the liabilities and risks. More specific objectives will depend on circumstances which may vary considerably from client to client.

From the client's point of view, the ideal situation would be to have access to:

Services and advice

Whilst these services are all available in isolation, Cormorant Partnership solves the complexity of dealing with all these issues by providing a coordinated wealth strategy.