Our Most Important Partner

Our service is suitable for select group of individuals who understand the advantages of having a structure to their finances to maximise the benefits. The objective is to increase the client's net worth by;

- reducing costs
- improving investment returns
- understanding risk, threats and liabilities
- mitigating taxation

To be cost effective, clients should have substantial assets and will understand that one professional is unlikely to have the necessary skills and experience to provide the best advice in all areas of finance. Having a comprehensive strategy improves efficency, reduces costs and improves the overall returns - working together to increase our clients wealth, not the profits of a large institution.

There is no single strategy that is correct for any client. In practice, there are an infinite number of possibilities and a huge range of influencing factors. Our clients have their own opinions on the best way forward and we help by providing suggestions and understanding the details of their actions.

For these reasons, new clients are generally obtained by referral, either from their existing advisers or by existing clients. We look forward to discussing this with you in more detail.